Wither Iran, Will They Contaminate?

Iran is working on producing an atomic bomb even as Western nations enforce one sanction after another. Israel is raising fears of an attack upon Iran in order to wipe out its nuclear facilities. On the left is fear of an air attack, on the right is the prospect of destroying Iran’s economy through economic pressure. So,what is a nation to do? General Mohammed Ali Jaffari, commander of the Revolutionary Guard has decided to find a way that will prevent any assault on his homeland.

His Revolutionary Guards, the Passadran, are being prepared to launch an environmental catastrophe which would contaminate the Straits of Hormusz despite the fact his nation uses this waterway in order to export oil. “Murky Waters” is the name of this lunacy and, although it makes scant sense, Jafari is more consumed by ideology than common sense.

We inhabit a world in which the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!