Wither Iran?

The storming of England’s Embassy in Tehran has unleashed a flurry of  demands concerning how to hanlde Iran. Michele Bachmann has promised, if elected  president, to close the American Embassy in Tehran. I assume since it was closed in  1980, Michele will first open it in order to close it. Hopefully, she will fly to Tehran in order to open the Embassy, get seized as a hostage and initiate a nuclear war. But, then again, she really has no idea what a “nuclear war” means. In the meantime,  British Foreign Secretary William Hague has ordered Iranian staff at their Embassy to get the hell out of England.

The Netherlands has ordered  diplomats in Iran to return home as have numerous European nations. The real questions are: why did the Iranian government decide to have thugs storm the British Embassy? What is the plan of Iran? Does the Iranian government have a plan? Is there division within the Iranian government?

Iran’s  Foreign Minister apologized for the attack, but there is no word from the  Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Perhaps, the  Ayatollah was deliberately placing President Ahmadinejad in a tough spot. Or, was he attempting to humilitate Ahmadinejad? We suspect Iranian leaders continue  reacting to years of being humiliated by western nations and remain defensive and angry.

Unfortunately, such behavior will in the long run only damage Iran.