Wither Israel — Waving Bloody Flag Of Patriotism?

A flotilla of ships has been halted, nine civilians killed and others wounded, an event which might cause a nation to reflect on its policies. But, this is Israel, led by a demagogue named Benjamin Netanyahu whose expertise extends to waving the bloody flag of patriotism whenever his actions are questioned. Since he assumed control of the Israel government, a close ally, Turkey, has become an enemy and the blockade of Gaza which once was supported by Egypt has witnessed opening of its gates to a flood of materials into the besieged area. The United States is now questioning its policy of unqualified support of Israel, and even in America, Jews are divided as to the question of Israel’s policies. Benjamin Netanyahu, now wraps himself in the Israel flag and terms anyone who opposes his actions as threatening the lives of soldiers in the Israel Defense Force. Of course, the IDF was sent on a ridiculous mission by Bibi, but, what the heck, since the government is never wrong, it must be the critics who created stumbling, bumbling attack on ships.

Bibi’s government has not indicated any thought of reflection and seeking alternatives to current policy. His belief is simple, “since my enemies are always wrong, the only solution is for my opponents to change their policies. That will ensure peace.” It is a theory of problem resolution, but one that hardly attracts much attention than among one’s own followers. The power of a demagogue can extend over a period of time, but, at some point, reality will set in. Several American soldiers died yesterday in Afghanistan. As more and more American soldiers die, there will arise a demagogue in America who will wrap him or herself in the bloody flag of dead Americans. And, there is always the outside possibility that demagogue might secure popularity by focusing on the incompetence of the Israel government’s refusal to compromise as the cause of American deaths. Bibi, there are Bibis in America.