Wither Libya These Days?

A civil war is raging in Libya and at this point its outcome is unclear. On one hand, nations like the US or France seek to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi and replace him with a government whose leadership is unknown and the views of this leadership are unknown. The African Union negotiated a peace agreement under which Gaddafi would remain in power during a transition process. Libya Foreign Minister Abdul-Ati-Al Obeidi now proposes to have a cease fire, and within six months hold a UN supervised election in order to determine the future of Libya.

Only a fool would trust Muammar Gaddafi to carry out his word. On the other hand, unless the rebels are provided ground troops and equipment to match the artillery and weapons of Gaddafi forces, it is doubtful if they will be able to gain victory. So, what to do?

The outside world has to decide if it is willing to provide weapons and military advisers on the ground or not. Air power alone will not overthrow Gaddafi. If this assistance is not provided, then perhaps other alternatives should be explored.