Wither Pakistan-Fundamentalism Or Democracy?

Cleric Abdul Aziz was released from jail in Pakistan and returned to his famous red mosque in order to preach radical fundamentalism to adoring crowds. In his sermons, the cleric calls for imposition of Islamic sharia law across the nation and organizing Muslims in the world to fight against non-Islamic beliefs. The Pakistan government freed him in order to once again appease the forces of hatred in the nation. They already gave the Taliban control over the Swat Valley as part of the Zardari solution which is based on the concept if you empower the Taliban and other radical Islamists, then somehow you have furthered the cause of peace in the nation.

There is no policy to fight fundamentalism in Pakistan. The government has lost the will to fight for democratic principles which, most probably, most Pakistanis seek to have in their nation. Instead, a weak government is fostering fundamentalism in the name of confronting it. And, how will the United States and other western nations deal with this reality?