Wither Palestinians?

The future of Palestinians is always linked to the future of Israel in what we term   diplomacy in the Middle East. Fatah and Hamas contend for power within the world of Palestinians, but deciding who can or should lead the Palestine Liberation Authority apparently rests with Israel leaders. These are the same Israel leaders who are incapable of establishing  modern looking  government, the same who cater to every angry West Bank settler and the same people who insist what is desired by a minority within Israel is what should be allowed to the people of Palestine.

Palestinians have leaders who desire peace with Israel. Imprisoned Marwin Barghouti is a secular thinking person who, at this point in his life, seeks peace for his people. He did engage in terrorist actions, he did seek war, he did seek violence. But, now he is the  most able secular leader who could bring together Hamas and Fatah and forge peace with Israel.

For Israelis who believe once a terrorist always a terrorist they might review the lives of founders of Israel who DID engage in terrorist activities against England. It is time for Israel to allow Palestinians to select the  most capable leader. The end result will be peace.