Wither Shoe Throwers United In Iraq?

The recent shoe throwing episode in Iraq raises numerous legal and international law issues concerning the rights of humans to let loose with their shoes in various situations. Thousands of Iraqis are walking the streets of their cities, still in possession of their shoes, either by holding them up high or maintaining them on the lower extremities of their bodies. At the heart of the current dilemma is whether Muntadhar al-Zeidi is a patriot, a terrorist, or an athlete who should enter training for the 2012 Olympic event in shoe throwing. Many are urging the Olympic Committee to establish a new category of heaving shoes along with the more traditional throwing of spears and such.

There are reports President Bush is having a special anti-shoe throwing vest designed to thwart future terrorist attacks on his person. On the other hand, some Republican political pundits are urging him to challenge Mr. al-Zeidi to a shoe throwing contest in order to prove to the Muslim world that Americans can meet any challenge thrown at them. After all, Christians can handle shoe throwing as well as any Muslim.

There are unconfirmed reports Mr. al-Zeidi is entering a shoe throwing recovery program that is designed by the CIA to assist terrorist shoe throwers to get over their need to heave shoes at Americans.