Wither South Africa?

The recent death of Nelson Mandela led to an outpouring of praise and gratitude to the South African leader for his statesman like approach to handling the difficult transition from Africans being under the rule of a white minority to a multicultural society in which people of all backgrounds had equal opportunities to be members of a democratic nation. However, the dream of Mandela and his African National Congress(ANC) is now nearly two decades past and the dreams of the 1990s are now simply unfulfilled dreams. Unemployment is over thirty percent and, although a new black African middle class has emerged, the vast majority of people still live in poverty and crime continues to be a major source of discontent among both whites and blacks. Those who succeeded Nelson Mandela turned out to be men of inferior leadership and more concerned with maintaining power for self and party than for creating a modern dynamic African society.

The ANC frightens black skinned people that if they fail to support the ruling political power, then whites in the Democratic Alliance will return to power. In face of angry young Africans who have formed the Economic Freedom FighterS(EFF) the fear message is-do not allow young firebrands to gain power or it will result in a massive departure by whites. The result is that incompetents continue to rule South Africa and poverty for the masses continues in place.