Wither Syria?

Days  go by, weeks  go by, months go  by, but the Syrian government refuses to engage in discussions with its own people concerning ways to end violence. Over two thousand Syrian people have been murdered by fellow Syrians who are carrying out orders of President Bashar al-Assad. The UN issues statements about ending violence, the Syrian response is to attack another town and kill people. The drumbeat of killing continues.

However, there are new signs emerging of an armed response by Syrian rebels. New reports indicate that hundreds of Syrian soldiers have deserted and are resorting to armed attacks against their former army. In the city of Al-Rastan a reported 1,000  former soldiers were engaged in battle with the Syrian army. There is the possibility the Syrian government would bomb the town.

If these soldiers decide to engage in guerrilla warfare it would add a new dimension to the struggle. In the meantime the UN is unable to take decisive action due to refusal on the part of Russia and China to support sanctions. Will we witness the war next time?