Wkileak Soldier Is Being Abused

The American people in 2008 elected a man who was a former professor of constitutional law as their president. We assumed an individual whose life had been devoted to constitutional procedures would not abuse prisoners as was done under the administration of former president Bush. Alas, Barack Obama has once again disappointed those who are concerned about human rights. Bradley Manning, who is allegedly the soldier who gave Wikileaks access to files that resulted in the world knowing about what was written by diplomats is now in a prison cell. Despite the recommendation of two forensic psychiatrists, Manning is confined to his cell for 24 hours a day on ground that he is a suicide risk. He is forced to sit in virtual blindness with the exception of times when he is allowed to read or given limited television privileges. During these times his glasses are returned. He is questioned every five minutes by guards and, if asleep, he must wake up.

Prison officials insist that he is a risk to himself, because they say so. Heck, a serial rapist is treated better than a young man who believed the world should know what was going on in our government.

P.S. Perhaps, Professor Obama can provide e