Woes Of Mitt Romney

Barack Obama is blasting the candidacy of Mitt Romney which has led to anger on the part of his opponent who claims such attacks are not fair nor accurate. Mitt is upset that Obama does not play by the rules of proper conduct. Even as Mitt whined about unfairness in the election, his supporter, Senator John  McCain added another wound to the candidacy of the poor millionaire. When asked if Mitt Romney should have been selected as his running mate in 2008, McCain said that Sarah Palin was “the better candidate.”

Let me get this clear. An ignorant individual who admitted lacking any knowledge of world affairs, admitted lack of any understanding regarding modern economics was a better qualified candidate than Mitt Romney! Perhaps, it is time for Mitt Romney to launch advertisements against his supporters on grounds they  are insulting him as a person and as a candidate.

With friends like John McCain in one’s corner, it is time for Mitt to ask Joe Biden to be his running mate this year.