Wolfowitz Threatened Retaliation

Paul Wolfowitz was revealed in a new report as seething with anger and making threats against anyone who dared oppose his rule at the bank. His fury was unleashed when subordinates raised questions concerning the pay raise he gave to his sweetheart, an action that was in clear violation of bank rules. Sounding as though he was a cast member of the Sopranos rather than an international leader, Wolfowitz declared “if they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them to.”

The report brushed off Wolfowitz’s defense that he thought he had been asked to arrange Ms. Riza’s pay package, noting “the interpretation given by Mr. Wolfowitz…simply turns logic on its head.” It was made clear in the report that Wolfowitz’s “contract requiring that he adhere to the code of conduct for board officials and that he avoid any conflict of interest (was) violated.”

Remember that George Bush appointed this man, and during the past week has repeatedly said no one should rush to judgment until the facts are in, and he was confident when those facts came in that Paul Wolfowitz’s name would be cleared. I suspect George wanted to manipulate the facts in the same manner he manipulated the facts about the famous WMD.
Information from The Guardian