Women At Detention Center On Hunger Strike

We inhabit a world in which those who have been victimized wind up being treated worse than the people who did the abuse. Most probably, when all is said and done concerning those who are at a detention center, the words of “terrorism” will be uttered to justify mistreatment. About 400 women are currently detained at Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire in England, and in desperation at least 50 have gone on a four day hunger strike in order to attract attention to their plight. Several women who got out through a window were then locked out in the cold as punishment for asserting their rights.

It is estimated about 70% of the women at this facility are the victims of rape or abuse. Does anyone care if these women have been oppressed? Does anyone care that a woman who has been raped is in need of tender care? According to the Home Office, all are being treated with respect for their dignity. That’s why 50 are on a hunger strike and several already have dropped from exhaustion.