Women At Risk

Like many Americans I was raised with stories about how people of Asia adhered to religions which stressed kindness and peace to all. However, there is one area of human interaction in which people of some other religions readily surpass those living in Christian or Jewish areas of the world. Attacks on women apparently continues and this stems from beliefs among males that women are fair game once they hit the streets of any city or once they enter a train, trolley or taxi. Preeti Rathi was an attractive female in the city of Mumbai, India who made the mistake of traveling on a train. As she left the train a deranged young man threw acid in her face causing her to quickly switch from beautiful to grotesque. She is one of 56 such cases reported during the past three months in Mumbai!

For some reason acid attacks on females occur all too often in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. Fortunately, the government of Bangladesh has taken action by passing stiff laws that actually send to prison men who perform this assault on human dignity. Usually, the attacks stem from domestic disputes, dowry demands, land quarrels or revenge. Half women assaulted are under the age of 18.