Women Beware–New Nigerian Scam!

About once every two weeks I receive an email from some person in an African nation in which I am informed that this individual likes the sound of my name and is desirous of assisting me to become a millionaire. They have uncovered a secret bank account and if she can obtain from me a few thousand dollars, we can bribe Mr. X and gain control of the money. A friend of mine became trapped in this scheme and wound up giving away his entire life savings. Army Sgt. C.J. Grisham has taken upon himself the task of preventing the African con men to use information about American soldiers in order to scam money from innocent people. The new con game works this way: a profile is posted on a dating website claiming to be an American soldier seeking a relationship with a nice woman once he is shipped back home from Afghanistan or Iraq. Once contacted by a woman –or women– he asks for the loan of a few hundred dollars in order to get a plane ticket to where they live. Sometimes, the “soldier” will send a “medal”he received or something that allegedly was obtained in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Grisham posted a profile of an American female soldier and within weeks had received numerous emails from unsuspecting men who wanted to date an American female soldier who had been in the war zones. He believes a high percent of the con men and women come from Nigeria or Ghana.

The man or woman of your dreams may well be the man or woman who takes you to the financial cleaners.