Women Bishops Should Avoid Hell

I have never given much thought as to what happens in Hell because my assumption was my destination would be Heaven. However, a recent talk by Swedish pastor, Per Linderoth has gotten me thinking. The good minister of God recently decided to make contact with God’s enemy, the Devil, in order to find out what happens to ministers who go down rather than up. Pastor Linderoth does not have much respect for women as servants of the lord. He believes “God’s words fall flat(or dead) to the ground when a female pastor preaches. It may not bear any fruit” because words from a female are “not of the correct element.”

However, after contacting the Devil Pastor Linderoth was informed about the organization of the world down below. “If there are degrees of punishment in hell, then it is worse for women bishops than women pastors.” Whew. This is a relief since I am not a female pastor or bishop and thus I will never wind up with any female bishop when I reach Hell.

I wonder if the good pastor would inform me what happens to we Jews when we get to Hell?