Women Flogged In Sudan For Wearing Trousers

A group of twelve women in the Sudan were sitting in a cafe enjoying a pleasant evening when the door burst open and they were confronted by the public order police whose job in life is to enforce Sharia law. The women were accused of the heinous crime of wearing trousers in public and ten were immediately flogged by the brave men who make certain trousers are only worn by those of the male sex. The ten women who were flogged were given summary trials, beaten and forced to pay a $150 fine. But, Lubna Hussein, a journalist, decided to challenge the law. “I didn’t do anything wrong” and she decided to speak out for the thousands of girls who have been flogged for years because they wore trousers in public.

I am certain some cleric will point to a sentence in the Koran in order to support the right to beat the hell out of women who wear trousers. Why is it when the issue is violation of a sentence in the Koran clerics are quick to enforce the idea. For some reason, these clerics are not interested in the enforcement of passages in the Koran which call for mercy and love. Perhaps, if we had a public security force to enforce love and gentleness, the Sudan would be a safer and more prosperous place.

I wonder, is there anything in the Koran which says men can not wear dresses?

  • mark

    The authorities did what was right according to their law. The real problem is the disgusting females these days who want to have no rules when it comes to their conduct and want to do whatever they please, no matter how offensive it is to others. This is why giving equal rights to women has proven to be an aberration. Look at women in the West…feminists and lesbians are taking over and men’s rights are trampled upon. It’s like a pandemic is sweeping this world….just a disaster.