Women In Afghanistan

There is scant doubt  a majority of American and NATO forces will have left Afghanistan by December, 2014. There is scant doubt that Hamid Karzai or one of his crooked stooges will be president of the country. There is scant doubt that Taliban forces will  have gained control over large sectors of the nation. There is scant doubt that drug lords will have their own armies and function as indpendent entities. And, there is scant doubt the women of Afghanistan will have lost many of their human rights.

There is increasing evidence that some Afghan women gaze toward the future with doubt and fear. A recent series of female suicides in which women poisoned themselves reveals that for some the future means an end to freedom and being able to possess human rights. Dr.  Khaled Basharmai has encountered examples of young females who go the route of suicide because they fear tomorrow will bring them a return to life under the Taliban.

Such is the noble Bush experiment in democracy for Afghanistan.