Women Issues In South Africa

Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa, said it was important for women to look beyond symbolism such as Women’s Day and focus on issues that are most pertinent to the daily lives of females in South Africa. “it’s time to face reality on these issues and not be cowed by male politicians who do not want to h ear about rape rates or the disastrously of children who do not know their fathers.” She urged moving past the rhetoric of women’s liberation and “we know want the reality.”

She wants the South African government to enforce maintenance requirements for men to support their families. She wants a real program to address issues arising from the high rate of HIV and a first step would be to place responsible people in positions of authority. She also wants sex between a male and under-aged girl to be considered statutory rape.

Unfortunately, for Helen Zille and the women of South Africa, the current president of the nation is hardly a man who qualifies as being an advocate of equality for women.