Women Never Rode Camels

There is growing anger among conservative clerics in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia over feeble attempts by the King to actually allow women to attend a modern university. Of course, they regard recent efforts by women to drive a car as akin to asking the Devil himself to enter your home. Conservative cleric Sheikh Saad Bin Naser al-Shetri, in addition to having a name that would not fit into any marque regards himself as the secretary of God. He was fired from the council of religious scholars for opposing mixing of males and females at a new university in Saudi Arabia. His mission in life is “make the governor fear God if they err from the right path and to remind them of God’s punishment if they continue to err.” Obviously, he is well connected up on high where the Old Man resides/

I wonder if in ancient times when Mohammad lived if women rode on camels or did they walk. Of course, there is always the possibility that a woman sat on the lap of her father or brother or husband or son when on the camel. But, I guess there was no example of a female actually getting on the camel and riding it away. Those were the good old days.