Women Of Afghanistan

I recall vividly when American  troops entered Afghanistan in 2001 our then President George Bush proclaiming among our goals was to help the women of that country  escape Taliban brutality. In theory, the dynamic trio of Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney portrayed themselves as advocates of women rights. It is now a decade later during which time American military forces have been in Afghanistan and hopefully they have assisted in efforts to provide human rights for women. Of course, the US placed in power, one known by the name of Hamid Karzai, friend of those seeking money and power –for themselves.

A United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan(UNAMA) blasted the country’s leading kleptomaniac for failing to do very much for women in the land. He supposedly was to enforce the Law On Elimination of Violence against Women(EVAW). Gee, we have very many nice sounding groups in Afghanistan which should ensure rights for women.

Problem, there is a law to end violence against women. Yes, the problem is The Law. If one passes a law the law is useless unless one enforces the law. Women continue to be abused, women continue  being denied education, women continue being forced to obey dad as to who they can marry and women can get killed if they look at the wrong guy too long.

Ironically, the only time women had equal rights in Afghanistan was under the rule of a Communist government!!