Women Rights In France!

The French government at a time of economic disaster has discovered a major cause of concern– Muslim women wearing face coverings! If only France can get Muslim women to remove the niqab from their faces the end result will be a dramatic increase in jobs and pay for all those in the country. A new law makes it a criminal offense for Muslim women to wear a face covering in public. Current estimate is that about 2,500 Muslim women in France wear such coverings like the niqab.

Kenza Drider and two other Muslim women are protesting the law and she intends to run for president of the country. Hind Ahmas put it bluntly: “we can not accept that women be punished because they are practicing their religious convictions.” These Muslim women intend to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights.

We hope they are successful even though in so doing they will destroy chances for economic growth!