Women Still Fight For Equality!

I teach college classes and am always fascinated how women in studying the past invariably state, “well, women today are not like what is described in the book, we have equality with men.” A common belief for women under the age of 25 in the USA. But, is it true?

1. Women in the world earn 10% of world income and do 66% of work work.

2. Women produce 80% of foods in developing nations and own 1% of the land.

3. In nations like Saudi Arabia or Chechnya or Iran, women must adhere to dress codes created by men while women in nations like France are not allowed to wear those clothes.

4. In nations like Russia, or Mexico or Pakistan women who become engaged in fighting for human rights might wind up dead.

5. If the Taliban offered a peace agreement which denied women rights in Afghanistan, it would probably be accepted by the US.

8. The Egyptian revolution has occurred and there is no evidence women now have a greater voice in government.