Women Threaten Turkish Police!

A few years ago two Turkish women went out for a walk along  Istikla Avenue in the  city of Istanbul. It was a pleasant day, they were chatting when suddenly police halted them demanding identity cards. At this point, the story becomes muddled, the women claim they did produce the documents, but an argument ensued. For some  reason, the police slapped the women and took them to the jail house where the women were further physically assaulted.

The police charged they feared for their lives from some action by these two   females. They further charge the women insulted them. And, they are members of the POLICE  force so how dare any citizen make insulting remarks to them., The women finally were in court  where the judge sent them to prison for five  months for “insulting police officers.”

We suggest to readers that when in Istanbul  talk politely to members of the police force, they quickly get feelings hurt if you make a nasty remark to them.