Women Undergarments And President Putin

I assume that no one reading this story would ever guess there is a connection between female undergarments and the great President Vladimir Putin. We are now able to reveal to the world the most important news story to emerge during the past several months. It appears there is an artist in Putin Land, who for some strange reason does not like the tough leader of Russia. So, what does this Konstantin Atunin do? He spends hours painting a likeness of the great Russian leader onto women undergarments. For some unusal reason the artist did not grasp that he was violating numerous laws. The Russian parliament has already passed legislation making it a crime to paint the likeness of Putin, not only on female undergarments, but on socks or toilet seats and certainly on sanitaton trucks.

However, we are able to report:

1. It is allowed to paint a likeness of Putin on baseballs.

2. It is allowed to paint a likeness of Putin on toilet seats,but not the bowl.

Anyway, Mr. Atunin has decided to deaprt from Russia to the environs of Paris.

Oh, there is a report that Congressman John Boehner will order an investigation as to why Mr. Atunin is not painting a likeness of Barack Obama on female undergarments.