Women Voices Not Heard In Sudan

Women throughout the world are engaged in various activities as they celebrate Women rights, at least for this month. However, things will be quiet in the Sudan since the government has decided for some peace and quiet. Fahima Hashin who is active in female rights had planned many activities including forums and films and a get together meal, but she had to report “we didn’t get permission from the security agents” for any celebration of Women Rights. She had 30 different female groups seeking to attend the event. However, Information Minister Ahmed Bilal was upset at her claim. He insists that Sudan women “can do whatever they like… but some want to make problems out of nothing.”

After all, since there are no problems in the Sudan, aside from a few wars and mass murders, whatever could women find to discuss about their alleged deprivation of rights?? I find it noteworthy that women have rights in the Sudan, and if you doubt that statement, just check with security agents.