Women’s Rights- Equality Or Inequality?

Women rights groups in Turkey are furious at a change that has been made in the name of the commission which is dealing with issues of gender discrimination. The present name is “The Commission of Equality Between Men and Women” but a slight change of wording transforms the group into “The Commission of Equal Opportunity for Men and Women.” The original wording states the truth– there is inequality for men and women in Turkish society and the need is to create equal opportunities for women since men already have them. To suggest that men and women BOTH need equality in the workplace or in family lie is contrary to reality, particularly in a society such as Turkey where men have more rights than women.

More than 50 women rights groups from all over the nation sent protests to the government to refocus the discussion on the need for female equality. The only “inequality” between men and women is that men have the rights and women are fighting for them. As one group put it, “We, the women, do not want opportunity, but real equality.”