Women’s Rights Saudi Arabia Style

A Saudi Arabian woman left the country, in the company of her brothers, after dad refused to allow his daughter to marry someone who did not meet his standards. The father’s refusal to allow this marriage became a legal case of “uqouq”– parental disobedience. The woman was asked by a foreign
Arab suitor for her hand in marriage, but the suitor was turned down even though he was from the same tribe as dad. The woman took father to court, but the judge ruled in favor of the father. The kindly judge pointed out to the woman there were plenty of nice single Saudi men who were interested in marriage and why couldn’t she select one of “us” rather than looking elsewhere to one of “them?” The brothers know the man, think highly of him, and are pleased he has a nice income, but dad doesn’t want his daughter to marry a foreigner.

Father is demanding that his daughter be forced to return to his house, be punished, banned from traveling and have her passport confiscated. Gee. I wonder what would happen if on the flight leaving Saudi Arabia she met a nice Jewish boy. Can’t you visualize Jewish mom and Muslim dad discussing this situation?

  • Finious

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