Wonder Woman Or Just Women?

To those raised on the exploits of Wonder Woman there was no doubt any red blooded American gal could wipe out the Japs or Nazis with one hand tied behind her back. However, for some strange reason the US Armed forces do not believe we have Wonder Women prepared to destroy the Taliban or al-Qaeda. Some who believe in equal rights for women want women to have the right to serve in front line combat roles. In a recent Army Times survey by Pauline Jelinek who interviewed female soldiers serving overseas, she came away with a distinct feeling most lacked the desire to get their heads blown off.

“Interviews witha dozen female soldiers and Marines showed little interest in the toughest fighting jobs. They believe they’d be unable to do them.” As Army Sgt. Cherry Sweat put it: “the job I want to do in the military does not include combat arms.” There are times when discretion makes more sense than a desire to risk life.

Anyway, has anyone checked with Wonder Woman?