Words Of A Self Hating Jew!

I have been told by Jews in St. Louis area that I am a self hating Jew because of support for the rights of Palestinians. I have been told self  hating Jews are those who make critical remarks concerning Israel or fellow Jews. The streets of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, have leaflets which proclaim that anyone who makes negative remarks about a rabbi who is accused of sexually molesting children will be termed as anti-Jewish. In this Orthodox Jewish community, rabbis and other men have sexually assaulted  children, but they can not be punished because a rabbi says they are not guilty!

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes goes along with support of sexual predators since he wants votes of the Orthodox. For example, David Zimmer, whom has been accused of 28 cases of sexual assault including rape of a ten year old, pleaded guilty to one charge and was released on probation.

I am a self hating Jew. Orthodox Jews who allow children to be molested do NOT belong in the Jewish religion.!