WE offer words of wisdom to those seeking the path of knowing something.

1. “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.”

2. Barack Obama: “The economic crisis will eventually be solved, just hold off on eating for a while.”

3. Sarah Palin: “Drill, baby, drill.”

4. Michael Steele: “It’s Obama’s war”

5. Russian spy: “Moscow, here is Mrs. Johnson’s recipe for blueberry pie.”

6. John McCain: “I was for immigration reform until I saw the poll numbers.”

7. Don Rumsfeld: “I stand for at least two hours a day, why can’t terrorists?”

8. George Bush: “I looked into the eyes of PM Putin and saw a man I could work with.”

9. Any Nation: “God is on our side”– fill in the nation.

10, Fox News: “Unemployed people lack energy and enjoy living on the dole. That’s why they are unemployed.”

11. Suicide Bomber: “I’ll blow myself up and go to Heaven.- Gee, I wonder if those I kill go to Heaven.”

12. Tea Party: “Cut taxes and reduce the deficit.”

13. Glenn Beck: “See this line, it leads back to the Tories, you know, the founders of the Democratic Party.”

14. Any Bigot: “Some of my best friends are niggers, kikes, wops, gays, honkies, not that I’d marry any of them.”

15. Rudy Giuliani: “A patriot is one who makes money in the service of himself.”

16. Dick Cheney: “An evil man is the one who sits on the right side of God.”