Words Of Wisdom From Comrade Putin

We offer the words of Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin for those seeking wisdom from the mouth of a very wise man. In referring to opposition parties he said:

“Is there a common platform there?No, there isn’t. We need to talk to everybody about their claims, about their problems, but it will require some thinking.”

“The dialogue should take place with opposition leaders. In what form, I will think about it… Who do we talk with?”

Let me get this straight. Prime Minister Putin wants to talk to someone about something, but is not clear what the other people want or what they should talk about, but he is ready to talk with them after he thinks about it some more. The problem from his perspective is the opposition leaders do not agree with his ideas about what should go on in Russia so he will talk to them, that is, if he decides to talk with them, about something.

It is very clear, Comrade Putin. Stalin could not have made it any clearer.