Words Of Wisdom From Gorbachev

Twenty five years ago Mikhail Gorbachev was among the most powerful men on this planet since he was leader of the Soviet Union. The responsibility of leading a powerful nation which possessed weapons that could destroy the entire planet was one he guarded jealousy knowing that his personal desires for power had to be subordinated to the welfare of the Russian people and the world. In contemporary Russia Vladmir Putin now holds the position of power despite the fact he is prime minister and Dimitry Medvedev is the president. Gorbachev warned both men about the importance of creating a democratic society in which those who ruled, only did so for a fixed amount of time. “Vladmir Putin has already served two terms and another as prime minister. I would not run for president if I was in his place.” Gorbachev emphasized the Russian people should not be treated as a “mass, a flock, led by the same shepherds.”

Wise words from a man who has a soul and a commitment to democracy. Unfortunately, Russia is led by former KGB agent, Vladmir Putin whose ideas about democracy are more in tune with the Soviet Union than of Russia.