World Citizen Award To World Citizen Oppressor

The government of Swaziland was proud to announce an award to Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini for his contributions to humankind and his fight for civil liberties. Amnesty International was a bit surprised at this award since according to their record of his actions, this man has brutalized, “political activists, human rights defenders, and trade unionists,” who have been harassed and threatened for daring to stand up for human rights. However, despite this sniping from an organization which deals with human rights but lacks experience in awarding awards to those who qualify for being a World Citizen only proves the importance of giving humankind awards to those who don’t like human rights. A check by the media of the name and phone number of the organization giving the award reveals no one is at home and there is no such organization.

How about other World Citizen Awards:

1..To Sarah Palin for proving even the ignorant can be a World Citizen.

2. To Glenn Beck for proving the road to human rights begins by drawing lines and the one with the most lines receives an award.

3. To Rush Limbaugh, an award to a man who used drugs which qualified him to denounce drugs.