World Coming To End?

There are those in the Republican Party who do not believe changes are occurring in our weather system and blame such talk on “Liberals” who want to frighten Americans into supporting plans for government subsidies to industries that do not extract oil from the ground. Faith Birol of the International Energy Agency, has a different approach to what we humans do to our planetary system. As far as weather change proceeds, “the door is closing. I am very worried–if we don’t change direction now on how we use energy, we will wind up beyond what scientists tell us is the minimum  for safety. After 2017, we will lose the chance to limit temperature increase to 3.6 degrees.”

Sounds like them LIBERALS are trying to frighten us. God gave us this planet and if there are any climate changes it is because God wills them. Stop worrying about what a bunch of college educated people claim is going to happen. Hop over to the nearest church, get on your knees and just let God know you are on His side.’ He will just blow a lot of warm air and all this stuff about weather change will end!