World Cup No Cup Of Tea

Confession: I have no knowledge nor do I have any interest in the great phenomenon known as the World Cup. I am an American who knows a lot about football(American, football, that is,) baseball and basketball along with a passing interest in tennis. As a backward member of the human race which comprises those not interested in the World Cup, it is difficult to become emotionally engaged in what constitutes an important world event. However, this much I do know, or rather do know questions to compose about this event which is 37 days from beginning in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

Why did anyone actually believe Brazil was ready to host such an event?
If Brazilians are interested in this event, why are Federal police in several cities currently on strike?
Why did bus drivers who are on strike in Rio decide to torch 325 vehicles? I assume those vehicles would be needed to transport visitors in one month.
Where will tourists live during this event?
Which facilities are already ready to tourists and which will be ready in ten years time?

Just asking.