World Cup Woes

Confession, this is the first year I ever paid any attention to the World Cup and I am 80 years old. Frankly, my love for American baseball, football, and basketball, never led me to ever have any interest in what the rest of the world terms, “football” and I term it, “soccer.” I tried watching World Cup matches and saw men running back and forth on a field, keeping their hands to themselves, and using other parts of the body in order to propel a ball. Sometimes, this man known as a “referee” would intervene and there would be a kick. Back and forth they went and very occasionally a term would have one of its players kick the ball past the goalie. But, most of the scores were 1-0 or 2-1. I assume this excites people to the extent they fight and shout and may even kill one another if their team loses.

American lost by 2-1. I honestly tried watching with interest. Frankly, it is all a big bore. Can’t you guys change some rules so that more goals are scored? After all, how the hell can I shout happiness because someone did not score?