World Expresses Expresses Anger At Mugabe Horror!

The United Nations Security Council in an unprecedented action condemned the violence in Zimbabwe that has been created by President Mugabe in his frantic effort to wipe out all opposition to his meglomaniac drive for power. For the first time South Africa, Chna and Russia which had opposed prior action, now came out in support of making known the world’s anger at what is happening in Zimbabwe. South African leader, Jacob Zuma, expressed his disappointment with the Zanu-PF party which once fought alongside South Africans but has now become an organization which no longer respects the rights of people. “We fought for democracy,” said Zuma, “we fought for the right of people to vote” but now Zimbabwe was out of control and headed toward chaotic violence.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had to seek refuge in the Dutch embassy when an attempt was made on his life. Mugabe told an audience Tsvangirai had nothing to fear only the votes of the people. Of course, by “the people” he meant his thugs and muderers.