World Getting Warmer-Not For Fox News!

A thousand years from now scientists will examine Fox News in order to understand how their ancestors were oblivious to the growing warmth of the planet. The State of Climate group which consists of 30 scientists from 48 countries, reports there is clear evidence of global warming. “A comprehensive review of key climate indicators confirms the world is warming and the past decade was the warmest on record.” It appears the world gets one-fifth of one degree Fahrenheit each decade which has led to an increase of one degree over the past fifty years. Of course, to climate warming deniers, these statistics are simply an attempt by “liberals” and “socialists” to frighten people into accepting government led initiatives. Check into daily comments from Fox News reporters and it is clear if one adds up their spouting of hot air, world increase in global warming will double in the coming decade.

Deny, deny, and live in a world of fantasy is the reaction to people in the Tea Party and others with their views on the world. The key question is: what will it take to awaken humans to the state of their planet?