World Has High Hope For Obama Says BBC Poll

A new poll commissioned by BBC revealed widespread hope among people in the world that Barack Obama as president of the United States can make dramatic changes in order to deal with a host of problems ranging from the financial crisis to bringing peace to the Middle East. Of course, he benefits from the intense dislike people in all parts of the world had for George Bush and his disastrous domestic and world policies. An average of 67% believe Obama will strengthen America’s relations with nations by pulling US troops from Iraq, confronting global warming and brokering peace in the Middle East. The percent favorable towards the United States went from 26% in Egypt to 58% while in Turkey it rose dramatically from 11% to 51%.

Among nations with favorable ratings toward an Obama administration are:

Italy — 79%
Germany and Spain– 78%
France — 78%
Mexico and Nigeria — 74%
Indonesia –64%

Only Japan and Russia showed totals that were below 50%. Most people placed dealing with the financial crisis as the highest priority for Obama followed by getting out of Iraq.

Barack Obama will have a certain amount of control in dealing with these problems, but he will need cooperation of other players on the world scene. The recent disastrous Israel invasion of Gaza has only made dealing with that issue more complex and difficult to resolve within the coming months.

  • Bobby McGill

    Lets hope our guy does well. But with all the trouble he is up against the message of “hope” could very well be the message of “nope.”