World Health Crisis Looms

A new report by the World Health Organization notes the increasingly disastrous consequences of failing to provide adequate health care for people. About 100 million people go into poverty each year due to an inability to pay for their health needs. The report notes “in short, health systems are unfair, disjointed, inefficient, and less effective than they could be. Rather than improving their response capacity and anticipating new challenges, health systems seem to be drifting from one short-term priority to another, an increasingly fragmented and without a clear sense of direction.”

The World Health Organization emphasizes the need for preventive health care which, in the long run, would provide better health care at a lower cost. It is estimated about 70% of health expenditures are on curative services rather than preventive. There is no doubt those with money obtain the best health care while the poor are too frequently compelled to fend for themselves. For example, nearly 60 million women will give birth without any form of medical assistance.

As the world’s population continues to grow, and as health care continues to increase, there is scant doubt poor people increasingly will be without adequate health services.