World Jews Lack Respect For Netanyahu Government

Any intensive study of Israel newspapers such as the Jerusalem Post reveal an attitude which demands of Jews throughout the world unconditional support for any and all actions of the Israel government. I have been in numerous conversations with Jews who argue that lack of support for the Netanyahu government is akin to a betrayal of all Jews and is the first step toward a new Holocaust. Many liberal Jews in America and other parts of the world gaze with confusion at a government which favors laws that deny rights to those who converted to the Jewish religion or those whose father rather than mother was Jewish. I was raised in an Orthodox family in which my mom had separate dishes for all occasions during the year and we kept a strict kosher home. I find it insulting for someone in Israel like Avigdor Lieberman who was neither born in Israel nor was he raised Jewish to give me a lecture on the meaning of being a Jew.

The essence of love is to help those you love enjoy peace, security and a good life. Criticism of the Israel government is just that-criticism of a political group that has lost contact with reality, it is NOT an attack on Judaism. If one follows the Netanyahu argument of unconditional support for a government you believe is dangerous for Jews, it is akin to saying those who supported Hitler in order to avoid making “negative” comments about Germany were correct.

Bibi Netanyahu has lost respect of many Jews in the world for his failure to work for peace and his constant viewing any action in terms of how many votes can he get. A real Jew has principles, unfortunately, we lack evidence Bibi has any worthy of a Jew.

  • journeyer58

    My question is this, Fred. What if the government is correct? Why could not criticism of the government of Israel be criticism of Judaism? We know that the nation of Israel is supposed to be the homeland of all Jews, but if the nation of Israel is causing grave and serious harm to their neighbours wouldn’t that be the same as someone criticizing Amerikka in a time of war? I see parallels between the nation of Israel and Amerikka. They are both trying to silence dissent and obvious naysayers by marginalizing their speech. We must in times of great distress, seek those who will speak out against injustice and unreasonable behaviour on the part of their governments. Israel is committing genocide in just the same way as America did to the native population. The government of Israel has a stated policy of genocide of the Palestinian people. No more, no less that the complete extermination of the Palestinian people will do. How can any person believing in the G-d of their fathers commit such an atrocity, as they have experienced in the past? The governmental leaders are indeed out of touch with reality and the rest of the world be damned. No one can speak out against Israel and be called a ‘good Jew,’ in their estimation. But in my estimation, the good and righteous thing to do, is for world Jewry, with one loud and clear voice, say to those in power, “Stop the madness,” or we will cut off the support and money, you say you desperately need.” This is the only way to get the governing bodies attention, for right now they are too poor to pay attention to anyone else’s voice.