World Mourns Supreme Leader

The government of North Korea wants to make certain the world understands that its leader does not expect to make any changes in policy because some believe his goals are not what is desired in the rest of the world. Kim Jong-un presented a stony face at the casket of his dad, Kimg Jong il because a great leader never reveals any emotion. His government issued a statement warning “foolish politicians around the world not to expect any changes” in their nation. It is perfectly understandable why North Korea will not make changes, after all:

1. It already leads the world in people starving to death.

2. It leads the world in lacking any semblance of an economy.

3. It leads the world in a declining average height of people, those in the north are three inches shorter than those in the South.

4. It leads the world in secrecy.

So, why make changes and fall behind?