World Of Tiger Woods Oz

I confess to not being a man who has been able to bed numerous women during the course of his 79 years on this planet, although, I will admit to having had flings with several attractive females. I am not angry at Tiger Woods, a bit curious, but certainly not upset. However, I do wonder at this man and his grasp of reality. The other day he expressed concern that there “might” be problems in his marriage! Tiger, my friend, when we go around sleeping with a dozen or so women while married, I can guarantee there IS the probability your marriage may not endure. I also learned he is concerned that his finances might be jeopardized by loss of sponsors. Tiger, my friend, I can assure you that ONLY having two or three hundred million in the bank makes certain we will not see you at the homeless shelter.

I always thought Tiger was a bright person. Does this man inhabit planet Earth? My only question is — what exactly did you expect to happen to your marriage after flings with 14 or so women?