World Religions Are Dangerous?

We Americans inhabit a brave new world in which just shout the word,”terrorist”or shout the word,”Muslim” and the powers which control any institution will cave in to your slightest whim in the name of safety. Ms.Amanda Elmore teaches a class on World Religions at Hendersonvill High School in suburban,Nashville which is located in the fair state of Tennessee. She has this outrageous idea that during the course students should visit religious institutions that are not familiar to them since there are few Muslims in the area.Students were scheduled to visit a mosque and a Hindu temple. Some parents are upset at this idea of religious tolerance. Students would actually listen to someone discuss the religion and,perhaps, read some information. A parent complained that his child was being taught the idea of religious tolerance. His child is a God fearing Christian.

Naturally, school officials backed down.Their solution is to ban all field trips.Problem solved.God bless America. Oh, how about Christian prayer in school?