World War II Lives On In American Schools

I am aware there are several wars raging in the world and thousands have died and will continue to die, but it is time to move away from this minor issues of life, and focus on a new conflict that is emerging in the state of Virginia. Japan’s Ambassador to the United States, Kenichiro Sasae has rushed to the state capital of Virginia and held important meetings with newly elected Governor Terry McCauliffe. His country is greatly concerned about potential legislation which is working its way through the Virginia legislature which impacts the lives and fortunes of the people of Japan. In reality, if these bills are not prevented from becoming laws, the future of America and Japan is threatened.

The body of water that separates Japan from Korea is termed, the Sea of Japan, on most maps. But, voters in several Virginia districts are of Korean background and they do not want their children, or any child in the state of Virginia to learn in school that body of water is the “Sea of Japan.” They want maps which term this body of water, the “East Sea.” If this change is not made, who knows what type of violence will break out in the state of Virginia?