World’s Biggest Polluter-Guess Who?

President Bush once again threw off one of his quaint comments that he regards as cute and funny, but to the world, it was once again an arrogant approach to dealing with issues of importance regarding global warming. He told leaders at the G-8 summit, “goodbye from the World’s biggest polluter.” The president did agree he “might seriously” consider a 50% cut in emission by the year 2050. Planet Earth is on a collision course with serious issues of global warming but to George Bush such critically important issues can be handled with a flippant remark. China and India were no better at the summit meeting. They refused to sign any binding agreements until leading industrial nations guaranteed they would seriously confront the issue of cutting CO 2 emissions.

The summit also dealt with trade issues which have been stalled due to inability of getting agreement from nations like the United States. There is a general consensus no movement will be made with securing trade agreements until after the US election since neither Obmaa nor McCain is willing to upset farmers.