Would American Idol Have Taken Jesus Christ?

American Idol, along with other reality TV shows, insists that its contestants are just regular people who possess some special talents. On reality shows, being able to sing, or tell jokes, or know who was the third American president is an indication that you are someone blessed with special gifts. I have been wondering how a contestant named Jesus Christ would fare on the reality TV circuit. From what we know, he was not blessed with a gift of singing, he didn’t tell too many joke, but he certainly had a way with words. This past weekend in a church on the estate of the Queen of England, the Rev. Graham James teased royalty by noting their lack of knowledge of the ITV reality show does not reflect on their being stupid.

However, Rev. James thought the At. John the Baptist might have been a good contestant since he lived on wild honey and ate locusts. OK, so he ate locusts, big deal, but could he sing?

How about a Reality TV show designed for anyone who is into religion who could preach a good sermon?