Would Anyone Believe There Was Prisoner Abuse In Afghanistan?

The testimony of Richard Colvin before a Canadian parliamentary committee into his claim there was abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan due to the inability or refusal of Canadian officials to take a stand has aroused a fury in the nation. The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs cautioned any group to believe Colvin’s story arguing “It is important to let the Parliamentary Committee process unfold and to consider and weigh the testimony of subsequent witnesses before drawin conclusions about how events in Afghanistan unfolded in 2006 and 2007.” Jamie Christoff insisted the Canadian government had a “robust monitoring regime for Canadians transferred detainees in place.” Transport Minister john Baird even claimed such stories came from the Taliban and could not be trusted.

On which planet do these Canadian politicians live? Everyone who has any grasp of the Afghanistan government knows they not only have abused prisoners but in the aftermath of defeating the Taliban in 2001 they engaged in mass murder of prisoners!