Would Israel Be Better Off With Keystone Cops Leading?

Once upon a time, the state of Israel was regarded as a democratic society which served as a model of human rights, today, it has become among the most despised nations in the world. Industry, Trade and Labor Minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer just returned from a trip to Europe where he discovered anger bordering on hatred toward Israel and people who once supported his country now expressed fury at its thuggish behavior toward Palestinians. A basic problem is the dysfunctional government in charge of the country. Defense Minister Ehud Barak supports the two state solution and wants settlement construction to halt. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is both for a freeze on construction and he is against a freeze. Interior Minister Eli Yishai opposes a construction freeze while Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch insists illegal housing will be destroyed. And, in the background is the raving idiot Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who recently was described by a North Korean Cabinet spokesperson as “an imbecile in diplomacy.”

Netanyahu could readily put together a Cabinet that would allow progress in peace negotiations. It would enable Barak to be the point person and within months there would be a compromise solution and peace for decades. Instead, the people of Israel have made the decision for dysfunction and destruction by allowing Netanyahu to be in charge of a Cabinet of fools.